Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rotarians visit Kujer and surrounding villages to see service projects

Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison members visited Kujer and other adopted villages in Sheikhupura to see the progress of computer centers, vocational centers, community libraries and schools. The development work has been carried out with funding from The Rotary Foundation Matching Grants. Bashir Ahmed and Peter Orpen of Rotary Club of Brighton & Hove Soiree, UK ccompanied Rotarians from Lahore led by District Governor Nominee Shehzad Ahmed and Club Secretary Shaheen Ahmad.

The team attended meeting of Rotary Club of Sheikhupura Aarzoo where President Waseem Bari and Secretary Iqbal Malik welcomed the visiting Rotarians from UK. Afterwards, the team visited Kujer village to see the two government schools, computer center and the community library.

The school children were briefed about the benefits of polio immunization and polio awareness stickers were distributed among them. Visiting Rotarians were the most impressed by the buffalo bank project where buffalos have been distributed among deserving families who use milk for their own consumption as well as sell it for income generation. Proceeds from the sale of offsprings are shared equally by the keeper family and the community organization. Later the team visited school for the street children and the vocational center sponsored by Rotary Club of Sucha Souda. The team also visited a hospital sponsored by Rotary Club of Farooqabad where free treatment is provided to the deserving persons.

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November 11, 2008


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