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December 24, 2008
Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison arranges seminar on literacy

Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison organized a seminar on literacy on Friday December 18, 2008 at the Rotary Medical and Community Center. Aslam Kamboh, Project Director, Directorate of Staff Development was the guest speaker. His presentation explained the state of affairs of government and private schools by showing snapshots of enrolment in the public and private educational sector, their passing percentages, and the comparison of quality and quantity grades being achieved in both sectors. He informed that there is a dire need to improve the educational system to feed the increasing number of universities. He mentioned that there is no dearth of philanthropists in the country. All they want is a good cause which is being run in a professional and transparent manner. He explained how he started DPS schools in Okara and Deepalpur when he was the DCO there. Philanthropists actively participated in meeting the construction and other needs of the schools. Participants showed keen interest in the presentation and asked thought provoking questions. Rotarian Saeed Chaudhry offered vote of thanks and added that no doubt, there is a lot of room for improvement. He commented that with committed persons in public as well as private sector, inshallah, we would be able to make improvements in the system. The meeting was presided by President Aslam Chaudhry and was attended by Past District Governors A.Q. Alavi and Suhail Ahmed, District Governor Nominee Shehzad Ahmed, and presidents and members of various other Rotary Clubs. Rotaract Club and Innerwheel Club of Lahore Garrison also participated in the seminar. Rotarian Bashir Ahmed, President Rotary Club of Brighton & Hove Soiree, UK also attended the seminar. At the end, gifts were presented to the guest speaker Aslam Kamboh, Rtn. Bashir Ahmed and Bandukwala family.

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